Wednesday September 9, 2015

Sep 9 - Morning (8:30-9:15 AM)
Plenary 6 - Magnetic Radiation Shielding for Space Exploration

Location: Auditorium Lumière
Chair: Prof. Judit Driscoll, University of Cambridge

Dr. Rainer B. Meinke
Chief Scientist
Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc., Palm Bay, Florida, USA
Radiation level in space due to solar particle events and galactic cosmic rays constitutes a major hurdle for human exploration of the solar system. Envisioned missions to near asteroids or to Mars will last for many months and the maximum allowed radiation exposure dose for astronauts could only be guaranteed with subs- tantial radiation shielding surrounding the habitat of a spaceship. An overview of potential radiation shielding technologies will be presented with an emphasis on magnetic shielding based on ultra- light expandable magnets surrounding the spaceship habitat.