Tuesday September 8, 2015

Sep 8 - Morning (9:15-10:00 AM)
Plenary 5 - Superconducting metamaterials

Location: Auditorium Lumière
Chair: Dr. Elie K. Track, CEO, nVizix LLC, past President, IEEERCSC

Prof. Alexey Ustinov
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany
Metamaterials are artificial engineered media that enable tailored interactions with electromagnetic waves. The design flexibility of superconducting thin-film resonators and Josephson circuits allows for utilizing small structures down to the nanoscale while maintaining low loss properties, very strong and well-controlled nonlinearity, and frequency tunability in the microwave and mm-wave frequency ranges. An interesting spin-off here is going to be quantum meta- materials comprised of arrays of superconducting qubits