Tuesday September 8, 2015

2A-LS-O1 Sep 8 - Afternoon (2:00-6:30 PM)
Large Scale - Industries and utilities

Location: Auditorium Pasteur
Chair: Christian-Eric Bruzek (Nexans) & Nouredine Hadjsaid (Grenoble INP / G2Elab)

The panel will address some feedback experiences on superconducting field installations and applications worldwide. The various applications that will be presented concern in particular cables, Fault Current Limiters and machinery. The focus is to present both the views of the vendors on state of art technologies and the utilities on field experience.
The session is organized around six presentations by the invited speakers from the industry and utilities followed by a round table discussion and exchange with the audience on the best way to promote the benefits of superconducting solutions, AC vs DC, industry-utilities-academia interaction, regulation, futures perspectives, etc.
Dr.L. Martini (RSE)
Ampacity project (1km, 10kV, 40MVA HTS cablé with FCL):
Dr. F. Merchel (RWE)
Yokohama project (240m, 66kV, 200MVA HTS cable):
Dr. T. Masuda (Sumitomo)
Motors for Aircraft:
Dr. F. Berg (Airbus)
Italian Fault current limiters:
C. Ravetta (A2A)